It takes a few minutes for the sun to set from its first to its last contact with the skyline. Gazing at a burning sun slipping away, who do you leave your thoughts to?

The horizon is a recurrent element in my paintings. It shapes a universal pretext, or a metaphorical concept if you like, which channels my thoughts to raise questions about the awarness of existence. In this quest to exploring “the mystery of the beyond”, I attempt to go beyond the search and look for findings: I take a mystical perspective and mix different mediums to obtain shades and shapes in a creative process soaked in sacrality. 
In my paintings, the quest for truth reflects my roots: the sultry heat of the Finibus Terrae, Southern Italy, and its contrasts. By recalling my memories, I capture their evanescence to crystallize them in a canvas for eternity. 

Untitled (Gold) (2020), Rübef. Acrylic on linen canvas, 90x65 cm.

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